A collection of visual and hypertext media, Jake.Museum chronicles my journey through the world of web design and development.

The first website I ever made was on AOL Hometown, where I wrote about my favorite video games. Or at least, I think it was AOL Hometown. The Web was young and so was I, and the memories are hazy.

I spent the next few years poring over Funky Chickens and CSS Zen Garden, writing raw HTML in Notepad, tweaking my MySpace layout and trying to blog like the famous designers I wanted to emulate. I tried out new content management systems like TextPattern and cutting-edge JavaScript libraries like script.aculo.us. A lot of those early websites have been lost in the digital ether.

Luckily, there's a lot I was able to find as well. My memories of the early Web are my memories of the early me. The pieces in this museum are very precious, and I'm happy to be able to share them like this. Come explore the past with me.

(By the way, who's Jake?)